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  • Episode 233!

    Hey kids, this week our new podcasting nemesis, The High Five Guys, sent us a bag of dicks. No, seriously.

    Delicious, yet tasteless. A paradox in phallus form!
    Delicious, yet tasteless. A paradox in phallus form!

    We are plotting our revenge as we speak.

    We also talk about Salsa’s new job, Matt’s dinner with Engineer Corwyn and experience recording his portion of the Die Laughing hot sauce challenge fullfillment, and Jena’s performance at the latest Encyclopedia Show inspires some parenting discussion.

  • Episode 78!

    Wow, we have 3 guests on this episode: Carr Hagerman, Mark Lazarchic, and Michael Wilson. You all know Carr from a couple episodes back, Mark is an entrepreneur and low-level psychotic, and Michael is a filmmaker, whose movie “Michael Moore Hates America” is streaming on Netflix for those interested.

    As you will learn as you listen, format is basically abandoned in the first 10 minutes of this episode, as our 3 guests always have something to say. In fact we only have 2 segments this week and skipped the outro and fast five to get more of the conversation in.

    This show could have been far longer as we ended up talking for hours after we turned off the mic, covering current events, politics, philosophy and dick jokes. Please drop us a comment about whatever subjects you find interesting.

  • Episode 63!

    This episode we welcome back Dan Schlissel of Stand Up! Records. Dan is one of our favorite past guests and this time we don’t badger him with questions, hilarity ensues. Continue reading  Post ID 1102

  • Episode 9!

    This episode we are joined by Frost, who is here to tell us all about what work incentives SHOULD be. (See Episode 1 for why we hate them.) We also talk about new years eve, beer, video games and chunky peanut butter. I know, right? You can check out further exploits by Frost at Only Frost, as well as his website here.  Frost’s jealousy-inspiring employer can be found here.  Lastly, here is a pic of the statues we were talking about:

  • Episode 8 Redeux!

    Let’s try this again, shall we? Part 1 has Matt & Salsa talking about Salsa’s newfound unemployment, and Matt’s confusion and hatred of most people’s names.