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  • Episode 122!

    Ladies and gentlemen, we are joined this week by Doug Kallberg who writes the webcomic Pandora’s Box and is the illustrator for the Kingdom of Loathing comic book as well. Doug was a blast to talk to and boy do we talk about comic books. Damn we loves us some comics books. Don’t forget the show Jena helped work on, Zastrozzi, goes up this weekend and hey, here’s the Calvin and Hobbes inspired ice sculpture Salsa was talking about:

  • Episode 101!

    So this week, we’re all a little out of sorts for different reasons. That being said, Matt and Jena start the show without Salsa because Salsa is all moving and shit. Then Matt talks endlessly about his KoL Con experience, which causes much jealously in his cohosts.

    So our buddy Skully got to rock his own verse of Nerdcore Rising at KoL Con 9, here’s the proof:

    The game Matt, Skully, Adam and Front invented on the way to karaoke works thusly:

    1. Stand near crowd of nerds or wait for a group of nerds to be seated at an adjacent table.

    2. Choose a much beloved property of nerd culture and have a slightly too-loud conversation about how some aspect of it sucks.

    3. Enjoy the pained expressions or even righteous defenses of said nerd property. Bonus points for making a nerd’s nose bleed.

    Lastly, don;t forget to check out Jena’s Halo charity project here.

  • Episode 32!

    This week we are joined by our friend Mr. Skullhead from the Kingdom of Loathing. (www.kingdomofloathing.com) We talk about Salsa’s dream play and theater in general, and discuss which fantasy world universe we would rather live in. Matt’s son has discovered lying, much to his chagrin, and we continue to find new ways to segue to completely unrelated topics. Have a listen.

  • Even more of Matt’s rambling! Choke on it.

    That may sound harsher than intended. Sorry. Anyway, I mentioned that I was a guest co-host on Jick and Skully’s Kingdom of Loathing podcast a couple weeks ago. (Jick and Skully were our guests on Episode 4) Jick couldn’t do their January 3rd show, so Skully had me join him last minute. You can go to their show archive here and download the mp3 for January 3rd under the Monday show column. If you aren’t a Kingdom of Loathing player, don’t worry, we don’t actually talk about the game at all. We spend the time talking about sex, marriage and why I hate Santa. For reals. Also, if you haven’t already, you should give Kingdom of Loathing a try, it’s free and awesome.

  • Episode 4

    In this episode, Matt & Salsa talk with Jick and Mr. Skullhead from the online game Kingdom of Loathing. For those of you who don’t know, Kingdom of Loathing (or KoL) is a free, funny, online RPG. Check them out at www.kingdomofloathing.com, where you can also find links to the duo’s huge archive of podcasts, we’re talking 4 hours a week for the last 5 years or so.

    I will warn you that this episode goes off the rails almost immediately, and contains more than our usual quota of dick jokes. It was also some of the most fun we have had in ages.

    As always, our music was provided by the incomparable Brandon Patton, check him out and be eternally grateful we turned you on to him.