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  • Love, The Bus Music Video

    Hey, remember that time that Love, The Bus came to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival?  That was great! 

    Also, it turns out those cats are freaking amazing music video directors.  Check out what they did with some shots of a couple of the jousters out here. 

    I kinda came in my pants the first time I saw this…

  • Love, The Renaissance Festival

    So, the guys from Love, The Bus (special guests on the show last week) posted their full video from their visit to the MN Renaissance Festival. It turned out great, check it out below:

    If you watch closely, you will see Salsa in his “Wanted” board as well as Gretta giggling over the beginning of the video. She pops up here and there in her red sweatshirt too.

    Remember to check out all the info for the Love, The Bus project at their website.

  • Super-Mega-Bonus Episode 44!


    (That’s our new super fancy incoming news alert. Love it, LOVE IT!)

    Anyway, we’re posting an extra episode this week because we got an opportunity to interview Corey, Tyler, Seth and camera man extraordinaire Kevin from the film/charity/awesome project Love, The Bus. For those who don’t know, these fellows have taken their film degrees and decided that rather than serve french fries they would rather travel across the country, doing good and having a good time. Here’s their mission statement video: Continue reading  Post ID 19