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  • Episode 71!

    Matt’s back! Yeah, no one cares, we’re not surprised. Woof, I’m nursing a hangover and a beer as I write this so lets just get right to it shall we? Continue reading  Post ID 1238

  • Episode 68!

    It’s another bonus episode! Since you guys were all so kind about Wednesday’s show going up late, we are offering you another bonus guest episode! So MONDO, the big huge juggling convention that Salsa talked about last year, is nearly upon us again and we thought this was the time to get all our juggling geekiness out. Continue reading  Post ID 1167

  • Episode 22!

    This week, we begin our cocktail of the month experiment with – The Martini! For those of you who want to drink along at home, this week’s recipe is as follows:

    Hendrick’s gin – kept in the freezer
    Dry Vermouth
    Cocktail shaker
    Martini glass

    Slice a cucumber as you would for salad or veggie dip, put aside. Pour about a capful of dry vermouth into a martini glass, swirl it around to coat the glass, then drink the vernouth. Add ice and gin to your cocktail shaker, shake vigorously until frost appears on the outside of the shaker. Pour your gin into you prepared glass, garnish with a couple slices of cucumber, and enjoy.

    Salsa reports back from Mondo, the annual juggling festival in the Twin Cities. Apparently, there is a hell of a lot of juggling talent in the metro area. Who knew? Finally, we talk about the Uncanny Valley effect in movies, and wonder if it can be used effectively on purpose.