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  • Episode 92!

    We have two guest on this weeks show, the lovely and talented Steve Zalar and St. Manna the Destroyer! It’s still scotch month so that means I woke up drunk this morning. Woof.

    Look! It’s a Fringe Festival show that Matt and Jena are in!

  • Episode 58!

    We’re back! Also, we’re gonna be back on iTunes any minute now, as we’ve given up and just created a new podcast entry. So re-subscribe yo. Continue reading  Post ID 983

  • Episode 51!

    So, we’re back this week despite Matt having the plague. In fact, we recorded this show over Skype to try to spare Salsa the wretched den of viruses that is Matt’s house. Matt went and saw Jim Jefferies last friday, if you don’t know who Jim is see below:
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  • Episode 40 – uncut!

    (By uncut I mean I fucked up the edit of the original upload and lost about 20 minutes of our interview with Adam “Hollywood” Dunn. This one has it in its entirety.)

    Director/FX guru/editor Adam “Hollywood” Dunn joins us this week to tell us more about the movies. (Or “films” as I hear they are called in some circles.) Adam has done FX work on a number of movies this year including Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Green Lantern and Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides. He’s also a prolific music video director for artists like Toussaint Morrison, Lazlo Supreme and Toki Wright. For a sample see below:

    Turns out he’s a huge nerd too, so we talk comics and pro wrestling as well. Sweet.

  • Episode 31!

    So we continue our Bloody Mary month with the delicious addition of horseradish vodka. All good things. The studio is now air conditioned, which is a roundabout way of saying Matt’s cheap ass finally bought an air conditioner for his house. Finally. Seriously, it’s been hot as balls here lately, which just further confirms that MN has the stupidest weather ever, since this is the state that brought you Snowpocalypse only a few months ago.

    Matt kicked a fat lady out of his place of employment this week, and also found a new low of epic fail. Salsa, on hte other hand, went to a wedding and got to take a field sobriety test afterwards.

    We also talk about root beer and Ray Bradbury, so here’s a video I promised I’d post:

    Lastly, we ask the question, “Which so far unproduced comic book movie do you want to see?” Let us know your answers in the comments or by email.

  • Episode 30!

    So, we mentioned that we had a Vilification Tennis show last weekend. It was pro wrasslin’ themed. Now, in Matt’s stupid head, that means someone should get hit with a chair. Well, here you go:

    Now that we got that nonsense out of the way, we ended up discussing wrasslin’ for a while. We both have a soft spot for it, though neither of us watch it currently. We also discuss an email from listener Brian, regarding our movies that are important to see just for cultural reasons. Also, Matt and Salsa are both queer for Black Dynamite.

  • Matt watched Black Dynamite!

    So Chris Hardwick of the Nerdist has mentioned many times how much he loves this faux blaxploitation film. They even dedicated a live podcast at Meltdown comics to Black Dynamite. I figured there was something there worth checking out, and as Black Dynamite is now available streaming on Netflix, I watched it tonight.

    The Plot: Black Dynamite is a veteran and former CIA agent who is now a badass. Or perhaps more accurately, he should be described as having no discernable job, and has all the time in the world to do badass shit. In this case, he must avenge the death of his brother, get smack off the streets, solve a mystery, fly to Kung Fu island, and more in an amazing over-the-top plot that is every bit as awesome as it is incomprehensible. Hilarity and a half ensue.

    So this movie is one of the best parody/homages I’ve ever seen. The film was shot on 16mm, giving it an authentic, 70’s feel. The acting and action is occasionally purposefully clumsy, which adds to the films charm. (An early scene has a boom mic dip into frame during a speech by Black Dynamite, and eventually his eyes flick up toward it in a masterful acknowledgement of the cheapness of the format.) Pretty much every blaxploitation trope is present, including pimps, hoes, “jive” slang, afros, racism, and kung fu. I feel I need to remain deliberately vague about the movie in order to avoid spoiling some great humor, suffice to say, I highly recommend it.

    Check out the trailer here:

  • Matt watched Wrong Turn! (all of them)

    It’s inbred-hillbilly-southern-stereotypes-psychopathic-killers-movie-time!

    Oddly enough, it’s not The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. (The original, good one you heathens, not the Jessica Biel remake.) This series certainly owes a debt of gratitude to Tobe Hooper, as they are relying heavily on his groundwork for their plot. (At least in the first movie, which is the one which attempts to keep the tone serious and tries it’s damnedest to inspire dread and suspense.) As I have mentioned on the show, I think you could prolly section off a portion of horror films and label them “Inbred Mutant Killer Horror” as a sub-genre. This is not a particularly prolific sub-genre, but has the notable entries of the aforementioned Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and the Wes Craven helmed The Hills Have Eyes. (It should be noted that the remake of The Hills Have Eyes, in contrast to the TCM remake, is phenomenal and I consider it an improvement on the original.) I’ll run down the three movies I watched in quick succession.

    Wrong TurnThe Plot: Through a series of unlikely events a bunch of poorly-equipped, overly-attractive twenty-somethings (Of which Eliza Dushku is the only recognizable name or face.) are stranded in the middle of nowhere and must strike out into the wilderness to try to find help. The couple who remain with the broken down vehicles are the first to go, while the expedition soon stumbles on the cabin of the inbred mutant cannibal freaks, take cover upon their return, and are discovered in their attempt to sneak away. The remainder of the movie features the kids attempting to not get eaten by hillbillies. Hilarity ensues.

    Wrong Turn 2: Dead EndThe Plot: A small crew is filming a reality show, Apocalypse: Ultimate Survivalist, in a remote backwoods location. On hand are the appropriate number of poorly-equipped, overly-attractive twenty-somethings and Henry Rollins. Rollins plays the on-camera host of the show, as his status as a retired military commander is meant to lend weight to the series. As the kids tramp around the forest, they begin to realize that the reality show is anything but realistic, and they seem to be disappearing. The remainder of the movie features the kids attempting to not get eaten by hillbillies. Hilarity and Henry Rollins kicking ass ensue.

    Wrong Turn 3: Left for DeadThe Plot: The obligatory poorly-equipped, overly-attractive twenty-somethings are on a rafting trip. All but one of them die. Then, a prison is shown, prepping inmates for transfer from one facility to another. The bus is attacked by a familiar hillbilly-driven truck and runs off the road. Through a series of unlikely events, the surviving guards, inmates, and twenty-something find each other, stumble upon an armored car full of money and proceed to try to not get eaten by hillbillies. Hilarity most definitely does not ensue.

    So, to give you the gist of each movie, as they all summarize similarly, the first one is the straight up, survive the horror, slasher movie. It takes itself seriously, and attempts to be genuinely scary. To it’s credit, there are a few taut moments, though the characters never really became likeable enough for me to give a shit about them.

    The second movie is for all you Sam Raimi fans out there. It seems to be self aware without being self referential. It was definitely the most fun movie for me to watch. It seemed to take as a given that the movie couldn’t successfully pull off the same basic plot of the first with new victims, and the reality shoe angle, shile hardly novel, was entertaining. There are some fun kills in this one as well. Lastly, as a big Henry Rollins fan, I cheered when he showed up, as I hadn’t known he was in the movie beforehand.

    The third movie was obviously an attempt to wring a little more money out of a franchise based on the name alone. The story is convoluted and ridiculous, even for a horror movie. No one can act worth a shit, and the kills are not even interesting. Pass.

    All this to say, I’d still recommend the first two as a good time. Though you could just watch the second if you wanna just watch the best one, they don’t require knowledge of the others to watch them.

    As a head’s up, allegedly, the guy who did the dreadful third installment has been tapped to do a fourth movie. There is no god.

    Check out the trailers here:

    And here:

    And, unfortunately, here:

  • Episode 29!

    It’s the final installment of Margarita month! For those of you drinking along at home, next month we will be drinking Bloody Mary’s – FOR SCIENCE!

    Anyway, after figuring out our next drink, we talk weddings and wedding music, comic books and comic cons. Even a little about cosplay – shudder.

    We discuss what modern knowledge we would try to impart if hurled into the past, and we finally answer Charle’s question about movies.

    Join us, won’t you?