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  • Episode 200!

    200 episodes! Can you believe it? As we point out in the show, AoN has lasted longer than Matt’s first two marriages COMBINED! Thank you, dear AoN fans, for being there with us each week. We truly appreciate it.

    Speaking of appreciating things Toussaint Morrison is back this week to hang out and talk about his creative projects, such as:

    Life Coach

    A 2nd Devil

    And of course, his most recent mixtape Edo.

    Check out all the great videos and music from Toussaint, you will NOT be disappointed.

  • Episode 196!

    This week we are joined by the lovely and talented Toussaint Morrison! You’ve all heard us talk about how much we love his music before, this week we talk to him for over two hours and barely mention music at all. This episode delves into politics, education, race, class, comedy, and Kickstarter. We could have gone for hours, we hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed talking. Don’t forget to check out Toussaint’s music at his Bandcamp page! Pick up an album and have your socks rocked off.

    Lest we forget to give you a taste of what the man can do:

  • Episode 85

    It’s just the core AoN team this week after another flurry of exciting guests. Thanks a million to everyone who has backed our Kickstarter project. If you haven’t yet and have the means and the inclination, you can click the link on the upper right of the main page. Again, thank you so much everybody.

    As seems to happen when it’s just us left to our own devices, things go all over the place. For some reason, we talk about: the Olympics, our VilTen prom show, stereotypes, sandals with socks (Seriously, Bill?), flip flops, Salsa’s brother coming to visit, the impromptu party at Matt’s house, Salsa finding out that women complain to each other about their respective husbands, the first albums we got, the more embarrassing albums we’ve bought, that old Columbia House/BMG scam, the brutality of technology in the 80’s and Salsa’s mother’s attempts to overcome it.

    Yeah, I don’t know either. Enjoy!

  • More MC Frontalot for your eyeholes!

    So here is MC Frontalot performing the song “Spoiler Alert” with his band in a van for some video series I hadn’t heard of before. It’s fucking awesome. (Listeners should take special note of The Incomparable Brandon “Muhfuckin” Patton rocking the guitar as he also provides our theme music.) Vic 20 and the Sturgenius also bang it out proper.

  • Episode 19!

    So, Salsa and Matt recorded this episode after finishing an
    exceptionally large dinner, so if they sound fatter than usual, that’s


    We bottled some beer, ate some steak and talked about Pi. Er . . . pie. Whatever, the point is, Salsa’s fat.

    We also cover St. Patrick’s Day (lame), Pi Day (awesome) and discuss
    whether or not we think it’s cooler to have a paper shredder or garbage
    disposal built into your counter. Yeah, shit gets real.

    Lastly, Matt hates on Harry Potter and Justin Smurf remembers the biscuits.

    Also, also, here’s the BMX dance video Matt was talking about from the movie Rad:

  • Episode 13!

    This episode, Matt and Salsa talk about beer, insomnia and Matt sells all his CD’s. Welcome to the future.

    In other important news, here are the rules for our version of Uno as a drinking game:

    We find that the best way to set up the game is to get a boot, the German glass drinking kind, and use that for the drink assigned by the game. Each player should also have a beer of their choosing for sipping while playing, in case Das Boot does not come their way often enough. As for what beer to put in Das Boot, we recommend a mid-range beer, a Nordeast or Killians or Sam Adams, that way even your punishment drinks are enjoyable.

    The drinking rules:

    – If you are skipped, take a drink.
    – If a player plays a reverse card, the player who was next in line to play but is no longer must take a drink.
    – If you are on the receiving end of a Draw 2, take 2 cards and 1 drink.
    – If you are on the receiving end of a Wild Draw 4 take 4 cards and 2 drinks.
    – The effects of a Draw 2 or Wild Draw 4 can be avoided by playing the same card on top of it. (i.e. If Matt plays a Draw 2 on Salsa, and Salsa then plays another Draw 2, that’s 4 cards and 2 drinks to Gretta, who is up next.) There is no limit on how far around the table or how many times around you can pass the cards/drinks. Whenever it does end, the recipient must take the total number of cards and drinks, if it made it’s way all the way around the table, the entire table takes a community drink.
    – As usual, once you are down to one card you must yell, “Uno!” If you forget and are challenged, you must take a drink. If you are falsely accused of forgetting to say Uno, the challenger must take a drink. (and then explode)
    – Whomever runs out of cards first is the winner, and the remaining players must take a community drink.
    – Finally, the person with the most cards in their hand (the biggest Library) at the end of the game is to be called Alexandria during the next game.

    Here’s the Team Unicorn video:

  • Episode 11 part 2!

    It’s the second half of our interview with Brandon Patton! Woo! Anyway, in this part, we talk about music in general and Brandon’s music in particular. We also mention Brandon’s rap debut in the literal video for MC Frontalot’s “Spoiler Alert” here’s the original and the literal version.

  • My Perennial Hell

    I have a confession to make: I don’t like Christmas Carols.

    That is not what this is about, though.  It is important for you to know this tidbit of information, as it is pertinent to my topic.  However, it leads directly to what I DO want to talk about: I am sick of people judging me because I don’t like Christmas Carols.

    Allow me to set up a typical scene.  I am having a wonderful conversation with someone and, inevitably because it is near Christmas, the topic of carols will come up.  Usually, it is because we are listening to the radio, in a mall, or merely talking about having been in a mall.  Or on the radio.  This second one has happened less frequently than the others, but a guy can hope.  Now, me being a fairly outspoken person about what I do and don’t like, I will inform them of what I said at the beginning: I don’t like carols.  

    The result is always the same.  They look at me like I just grew another head.  Or stomped on a puppy.  Or both.  

    Now let me explain.  I don’t have anything against Christmas, per se.  I have my issues, but they do not come into play here.  The problem I have is with the second part.  Carols.  I don’t like carols as a genre.  When I say that I don’t like carols, I mean it in the same way that someone would say they don’t like country music or rap.  I just don’t find carols to be good music.  The melody is always campy and sounds like it was composed by a second grader.  They contain the same level of composition that most local-channel commercials have.  Noone has ever argued that those jingles are any good, but talk smack about carols, and the wrath of the Christmas Spirit will rain down upon you.

    The problem seems to be that people cannot separate the Christmas part from the Carol part.  Not liking carols automatically means that EVERY aspect of Christmas is now under attack.  This simply isn’t the case.  As I stated earlier, this has NOTHING to do with Christmas.  If we go back to the commercial analogy, not liking the music that they picked to advertise a product doesn’t mean that I hate the product.  It just means that I disagree with their taste in music.

    To be fair, there ARE some songs that I like.  I am not a fan of country music or rap in general, but “Fishin’ in the Dark” by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and “California Love” by Tupac never fail to lift my spirits.  Similarly, the Carol of the Bells is one of my favorites, and the Hallelujah Choir gives me goosebumps, but I think that you might notice something similar about those songs.  They are more chorales than carols.  I love having a well-composed, well-performed musical experience.  Unfortunately, no matter how well a carol is performed, the writing is still crap.

    In closing, I just want to say to everyone listening that it is ok to not like Christmas carols.  You are allowed to get sick of them when every radio station on the planet plays them over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over…  Carols as a style of music are dead.  Christmas songs need a revolution.  And if I don’t want to hear ANY Christmas music EVER AGAIN… just let me.