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  • Episode 90!

    It’s all CONvergence all the time this week at AON! Seriously, what a weekend. This is a hell of a show talking about a hell of a time. Hope you like large doses of nerdery!

    Also, as we mention, the first episode of Geeks Without God is now available, featuring friends and Vilifiers Tim, Nick and Molly. We were there for the live recording and had a blast.

  • Episode 77!

    We’re back this week with guest Brian Serber. Brian worked at 93X for a while and Matt decided to grill him about the differences between podcasting and legitimate radio. Not as different as you might expect. Continue reading  Post ID 1316

  • MC Frontalot Returns!

    MC Frontalot and the Incomparable Brandon “Mah-Fuckin” Patton will be in MPLS on August 19th at Club Underground! We insist that anyone who can read this that is within traveling distance attend this show. In fact, anyone who attends this show can get a FREE Apropos of Nothing sticker! Just show up and ask for one.

  • Episode 38!

    It’s video game week at AoN! We have Engineer Justin and Porter on hand for this special all (well, nearly all) video game related episode. We discuss open world vs. narrative games, our favorite retro games, and a little bit of why damn near everything seems to be set in WWII. Also, Vegas and blowjobs, yeah, things get a little weird.

  • Episode 32!

    This week we are joined by our friend Mr. Skullhead from the Kingdom of Loathing. (www.kingdomofloathing.com) We talk about Salsa’s dream play and theater in general, and discuss which fantasy world universe we would rather live in. Matt’s son has discovered lying, much to his chagrin, and we continue to find new ways to segue to completely unrelated topics. Have a listen.

  • Episode 21!

    This episode Matt & Salsa spend an inordinate time talking about drinks, martini’s especially. This may be due to this show being recorded in the wake of Gretta’s birthday. Also, Matt bought a hookah, and waxes philosophical about smoking in general, smoking as a lifestyle, and finally any hobby as a lifestyle. Yes, nerdery abounds. Don’t forget to leave us comments/send us emails about your favorite mixed drinks as well as any anecdotes related to them, as we plan to start our Cocktail of the Month idea with next weeks show. Lastly, enjoy the full length Brandon Patton song included in this episode as a reminder of how awesome he is. Follow our link to his site on our link page and give him all your money.

  • Episode 9!

    This episode we are joined by Frost, who is here to tell us all about what work incentives SHOULD be. (See Episode 1 for why we hate them.) We also talk about new years eve, beer, video games and chunky peanut butter. I know, right? You can check out further exploits by Frost at Only Frost, as well as his website here.  Frost’s jealousy-inspiring employer can be found here.  Lastly, here is a pic of the statues we were talking about:

  • Episode 2!

    Episode 2 – What is a computer nerd these days? Also, why Matt is a terrible speller. Music provided by Brandon Patton, dig it.