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  • Episode 74!

    It’s Pi Day! Or, it was when we recorded this episode. We ate much delicious pie during the breaks. Hopefully, you ate some delicious pie too. If not, check out the pics from Salsa’s Pi Day party and be jealous.

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  • Episode 73!

    We’re finally back to a bit of normalcy this week as the show consists of only the three of us and our new guy, Engineer Corwyn. This does give us more time to talk about a lot of things that have been getting backed up what with all the guests and other hullabaloo. Continue reading  Post ID 1263

  • Episode 20!

    We ran a little long this week trying to cover a few different topics. Of course, we had our Pi Day party recap, including the pie that got away. Behold! The Venn Pie-agram!

    We also discuss the Zangief Kid video, you know, the one where the fat kid is getting beat on by some little punk and finally hulks out on him? If not, here it is: 

    Finally, we both vent spleen over our hatred of euphemisms. Also Matt likes to say cunt.

  • Episode 19!

    So, Salsa and Matt recorded this episode after finishing an
    exceptionally large dinner, so if they sound fatter than usual, that’s


    We bottled some beer, ate some steak and talked about Pi. Er . . . pie. Whatever, the point is, Salsa’s fat.

    We also cover St. Patrick’s Day (lame), Pi Day (awesome) and discuss
    whether or not we think it’s cooler to have a paper shredder or garbage
    disposal built into your counter. Yeah, shit gets real.

    Lastly, Matt hates on Harry Potter and Justin Smurf remembers the biscuits.

    Also, also, here’s the BMX dance video Matt was talking about from the movie Rad:

  • Episode 16

    We’re back! This episode we talk about getting old. Also, Pi, both the mathematical construct and the dessert, both of which are cool. Look, just give it a listen and you’ll see what I mean.