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  • Episode 152!

    This week we’re joined by the lovely and talented Mike Heck. You may know Mike from his years of service at the MN Renaissance Festival, or more recently as a Vulcan at the St. Paul Winter Carnival. Mike even brought us Jell-O shots and vodka gummy bears to have along with out scotch this month. Porter joins us for a bit as well, and Dakota fills in for Salsa for the duration. We talk Fest, Winter Carnival and divorce, seriously we manage to keep laughing the whole time I swear.

  • Episode 137!

    Wow, this week was crazy. We had Adam “Hollywood” Dunn on. We had Josh “Mr. Skullhead” Nite on. We had Porter pop in here and there. The lovely and talented Bill Young makes an appearance late in the show. Damn Gina. This was a night.

    Part of that may have been the drinks. I’m pretty sure that was part of it. Also, we had poutine again. Then more drinks. Speaking of which, here’s the AoN mixology lab at Salsa’s place:

    aon mixology








    We also notice that Skully and Bill may have been separated at birth:

    seperated at birth











    I didn’t listen to this one before posting it, so I’m a little nervous about what the hell we might have talked about. I sure had a blast recording it though.

  • Episode 136, Eh?

    This week we have what I believe is our first international guest with Matt’s buddy Phillip visiting from Canada. As you all know, where there’s a Canadian, there’s poutine!












    Seriously, so delicious. Anyway, after the usual pleasantries, we get to play “ask a Canadian” because we all don’t know shit about Canada.

  • Episode 134!

    We welcome the lovely and talented Porter of the Fearless Comedy Productions partner podcast Burn and Brew back to the show this week. Then we make him take the piss as we take our friendly rivalry as far as we can. Seriously though, he’s one of our favorite guests, and if you haven’t yet, definitely check out Burn and Brew.

    Along with that we talk about Salsa going here:

    The Summit Brewery!
    The Summit Brewery!

    Then talk about Matt going here:

    An apartment building fire!
    An apartment building fire!

    One of these two leads a charmed life. Anyway, after that we talk about old people, especially our parents, having sex.

    Yeah, your welcome. I don’t have a picture for that.

    Finally, but perhaps most importantly, we’d like to ask you to go here and check out the IndieGoGo for Senseless! These kind folk are producing some hilarious theatre and are working towards funding their way up to Minneapolis for a couple shows at the Bryant Lake Bowl and CONvergence this year. We also happen to be working out a time to have them on the show while they are in town. Please give them a look and a couple bucks. Look how cool they are:

  • Episode 115!

    Apropos of Nothing takes a whole new approach this week. I can’t quite tell what’s changed . . . .


  • Episode 62!

    Ok, I’m a little drunk as I try to write this, but goddammit I’m a professional goddammit. Er . . .yeah. Continue reading  Post ID 1091

  • Episode 36 – Part 1 (Sober)

    So, Salsa is on vacation this week, so our friend Porter is filling in as guest co-host. I would like to take this opportunity to let our listeners know that I have it on good authority that Salsa spent the day dividing his time between jetskiiing and creating a new D&D character. Seriously.

    Since Salsa isn’t here to stop me, here’s a video he hates:

    Now that I’ve got that out of my system, here’s a link for the God of Carnage play that Matt was talking about. Anyone local to the Twin Cities should definitely check it out.

    Also the theater Porter was thinking of, (the one they moved so they could build Block E) was the Shubert Theater. You can check that out here.