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  • Episode 188!

    This week we’re joined by the lovely and talented Stephen Miller! Stephen is the creator of the tabletop RPG Gaslight: Victorian Fantasy!

    Seriously, how cool is this?
    Seriously, how cool is this?

    You can purchase Gaslight: Victorian Fantasy at RPGNow, now that you obviously desperately want a copy.

    Stephen also works at the MN Renaissance Festival with us as one of the Riddle Masters of Hollow Hill. Now, that being said, we had to have Stephen tell us some riddles, and Matt even got one right! Now, dear listeners, it’s your turn.

    Here’s the deal, the first person to solve one of these riddles and email us at feedback@aonpodcast.com will win the prize listed below each riddle. All additional correct answers get a shout out on the show. DO NOT COMMENT WITH YOUR ANSWERS! We want everyone to have a chance to do the riddles themselves. Email answers only at feedback@aonpodcast.com. Good luck!

    Jena’s riddle:

    Old Willie Peter smokes his pipe, with Satan who is just his type
    On a chariot pulled by 15 strong, the warrior moves his spark along
    He wants a clean fight he’ll prove quite the match, taking many forms he’s hard to catch
    In black and white, violet and red, of ash and bone he makes his bed
    He takes a breath and begins to glow, and all around him living things grow


    1st correct answer: AoN sticker and button.

    All additional correct answers: shout out on the show

    Show appropriate riddle:

    I stand when I rest, but that’s only fair,

    I do my best work with my legs in the air.


    1st correct answer: AoN tshirt, sticker and button

    All additional correct answers: shout out on the show

    Riddle Master level riddle:

    Answer my riddle now without fail.

    It’s said I’m like footwear, but in the wrong scale.

    An empire’s boneyard, the birth of rebirth,

    Please tell me your answer and show your true worth.


    1st correct answer: Two special Gaslight: Victorian Era calendars, hardcopy, period brass fastener bindings, SIGNED by Stephen! One for 1888, the year of Jack the Ripper, and one for 1893 the year of the Chicago World’s Fair and H.H. Holmes. As well as an AoN tshirt, sticker and button.

    All additional correct answers: shout out on the show

    Lastly, if you are the first person to guess all three correctly, Salsa will go down on you.

    Other things we talked about this episode included a map detailing every state’s biggest secrets:

    big secrets map

    The horrors of mime-ry at the Masocore marathon:



    If you’re into the fighty-whappy like Jena, you should check out the Brawl of America, like Jena. (Mime face not promised.)

    Lastly, as a public service, here’s the sites Matt and Salsa mentioned that vastly improve your online porn search experience by searching multiple tube sites at once:



    See you next week!


  • Episode 152!

    This week we’re joined by the lovely and talented Mike Heck. You may know Mike from his years of service at the MN Renaissance Festival, or more recently as a Vulcan at the St. Paul Winter Carnival. Mike even brought us Jell-O shots and vodka gummy bears to have along with out scotch this month. Porter joins us for a bit as well, and Dakota fills in for Salsa for the duration. We talk Fest, Winter Carnival and divorce, seriously we manage to keep laughing the whole time I swear.

  • Episode 100!

    Hot damn! We made it to 100 episodes! Thanks everyone for listening. Now, when thinking about how to commemorate this achievement, we tossed around a few ideas. What we eventually decided on is to take the show full-circle.

    This episode we have our first-ever guest Tawn back on the show. Which is especially significant because now we have microphones and shit unlike his first appearance. As an extra special bonus, we also have Tawn’s partner Chris, with whom he performs the show Nature of Mercy. Chris has quite the resume of his own, having worked with Cirque du Soleil, and riding a sweet horse that wore rubber shoes in Batman Begins among other things. The point is we had a blast talking with these two and we’re sure you will dig it too.

    Thanks again to everyone for our first 100 episodes, we can’t wait for the next 100!

  • Episode 96!

    Salsa had an allergic reaction to something this week, so we have Porter filling in as our third host. We cover a little of our first weekend out at RenFest, then answer a listener email regarding drug use before finally bitching about the word “funner”.

  • Episode 61!

    Big news kiddies! Jena has officially joined the podcast as our third host. Please join us in welcoming Jena and snickering at her brother Steve. Continue reading  Post ID 1050

  • Episode 49!

    This week we discuss the last weekend of RenFest (in which Matt lost his voice), and our favorite seasons. (Oktoberfest may rank unusually high) We also discuss taking siestas and having a long lunch. Finally, we discuss the merits of dumpster diving. As you might imagine, we’re for it. Continue reading  Post ID 12

  • Love, The Bus Music Video

    Hey, remember that time that Love, The Bus came to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival?  That was great! 

    Also, it turns out those cats are freaking amazing music video directors.  Check out what they did with some shots of a couple of the jousters out here. 

    I kinda came in my pants the first time I saw this…

  • Episode 43!

    This week there is some more RenFest talk, including Matt’s foray into Foot Beer. We also discuss Arts & Crafts and why Salsa hates the State Fair. There is plenty of listener feedback about writing and making outlines and a listener turns us on to a movie we both want to see:

  • Episode 42!

    This week we cover the Renaissance Festival, the MC Frontalot show, Salsa going back to school and car accidents we’ve been in.

  • Episode 11 part 1

      This episode we are joined by special guest BRANDON PATTON! 
                                                 (Pictured above – Brandon Muhfuckin’ Patton)

    Goddamn we are excited to give you this one. In part 1, Matt, Salsa and Brandon talk Wikipedia, masturbation, long distance relationships and RenFest.

                                (Pictured above – shit-covered awesome sauce – photo credit Lonn Simmons)