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  • Episode 154!

    We’re joined by Anj Olsen this week. Anj is our go-to friend for all things food and sex related. Basically, she’s a one stop shop for setting up an amazing and successful date. Anj is a fellow rennie and funny as hell to boot.

    For those of you interested in learning more about finding your way around your kitchen, check out www.alicethecook.com

    For those of you interested in learning more about finding your way around your bedroom, check out www.pureromancebyanj.com

    Hey, check it out, it’s Jena on a bus bench WITHOUT a brown paper bag with booze in it!

  • Episode 134!

    We welcome the lovely and talented Porter of the Fearless Comedy Productions partner podcast Burn and Brew back to the show this week. Then we make him take the piss as we take our friendly rivalry as far as we can. Seriously though, he’s one of our favorite guests, and if you haven’t yet, definitely check out Burn and Brew.

    Along with that we talk about Salsa going here:

    The Summit Brewery!
    The Summit Brewery!

    Then talk about Matt going here:

    An apartment building fire!
    An apartment building fire!

    One of these two leads a charmed life. Anyway, after that we talk about old people, especially our parents, having sex.

    Yeah, your welcome. I don’t have a picture for that.

    Finally, but perhaps most importantly, we’d like to ask you to go here and check out the IndieGoGo for Senseless! These kind folk are producing some hilarious theatre and are working towards funding their way up to Minneapolis for a couple shows at the Bryant Lake Bowl and CONvergence this year. We also happen to be working out a time to have them on the show while they are in town. Please give them a look and a couple bucks. Look how cool they are:

  • Episode 83!

    This week we are joined by Lorax, Coochie and Gay Rick from the Sex is Fun podcast. As you might imagine, we talk about sex. And Fun. Also ninjas.

    As Gay Rick mentioned there will be a live Sex is Fun appearance at this year’s Pride Festival in Minneapolis on June 23rd at 2pm on the Rainbow Stage. All of our local listeners should be sure to check it out.

    This episode is kinda one long conversation so it’s a little hard to describe the topics, we had a blast and can’t wait to talk to these guys again.

  • Episode 73!

    We’re finally back to a bit of normalcy this week as the show consists of only the three of us and our new guy, Engineer Corwyn. This does give us more time to talk about a lot of things that have been getting backed up what with all the guests and other hullabaloo. Continue reading  Post ID 1263

  • Episode 64!

    Real quick, check out this page to learn more about SOPA and to get involved. We want an uncensored internet and hope you do too.

    So we continue our journey through Dr. Pepper infused insobriety this week while discussing the merits and variations of oral sex. Uh . . . yeah, I was surprised we got there so quickly too.

    Anyway, we then discuss the “performance impulse” and the oft related social anxiety/awkwardness that goes along with it. We still aren’t sure what makes us get up in front of strangers and try to be funny or what makes Matt unable to order a pizza without flop sweating, but we’d sure love to hear your experiences and ideas.

    We also talk about users, debt, cat vomit and hiding beer cans at your friend’s place. Take a listen.

  • Episode 53!

    This week we are joined by comedian, Vilifier, and wife of Matt’s nanny Jena Young. You can follow Jena’s exploits and adventures here. We we didn’t have much of a plan for this episode, which apparently means we talk about sex and drinking a lot. Speaking of drinking, we were sent the rules for an AoN podcast drinking game. We will share them with you now. Continue reading  Post ID 5

  • Even more of Matt’s rambling! Choke on it.

    That may sound harsher than intended. Sorry. Anyway, I mentioned that I was a guest co-host on Jick and Skully’s Kingdom of Loathing podcast a couple weeks ago. (Jick and Skully were our guests on Episode 4) Jick couldn’t do their January 3rd show, so Skully had me join him last minute. You can go to their show archive here and download the mp3 for January 3rd under the Monday show column. If you aren’t a Kingdom of Loathing player, don’t worry, we don’t actually talk about the game at all. We spend the time talking about sex, marriage and why I hate Santa. For reals. Also, if you haven’t already, you should give Kingdom of Loathing a try, it’s free and awesome.