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  • Episode 209!

    We sit down and talk with Six Elements Theater this week. Things are kinda bonkers from the beginning.

    Six Elements, as you may remember from their past appearances in the podcast, are the folks behind Human Combat Chess.

    HCC 2012

    This means they know all about the knifey-stabby. They are also participating in Give to the Max Day Next Thursday, November 13th. What’s Give to the Max Day, you ask? It’s a great fundraising opportunity for Minnesota non-profit organizations where they have a chance for score matching donations and other rewards for their fundraising efforts on that day in particular. Take a moment to check out Six Elements Give to the Max Day page and support them if you can. We like ’em, you should too!

    Speaking of Give to the Max Day, Matt is fundraising for HUGE improv theater, and will be watching a 24-hour improv marathon on Give to the Max Day. You can support Matt’s efforts at his fundraising page here.


  • Episode 192!

    This week Chris Marchand returns to tell us of the impending Six Elements Human Combat Chess season.


    There’s a whole bunch of dates you can go see them perform:

    Friday July 11th 8:00pm
    Saturday July 12th 5:00pm
    Saturday July 12th 8:00pm
    Wednesday July 16th 8:00pm
    Thursday July 17th 8:00pm
    Friday July 18th 8:00 pm
    Saturday July 19th 5:00 pm
    Saturday July 19th 8:00pm

    Click the link above to order tickets.

    As a special bonus, CON attendees can also catch a free preview of the show at CONvergence next Friday at 2pm in the Garden Court.

    Speaking of Convergence, make sure you stop by the Fearless Comedy party room and say hi and have a drink with us! Cabana room 224!

    Lastly don’t forget to check out the Fearless Comedy halftime show during Masquerade and Vilification Tennis while you are at CON.

  • Episode 123!

    Tonight we are joined by Jenna Papke of Six Elements Theater! I’ll have you know that Jenna is a hoot to talk to and knows her way around a production as well. We spend some time picking her brain about theater and the like but honestly, we’re just gonna have to have her on again because this could have been a 5 hour show. Check it out!

    EDIT: Jena (our Jena) is doing the JDRF Walk for Diabetes. If you want to throw her a few bucks, you can do so here.