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  • Episode 103!

    We continue our journey through sake month with special guest Porter! Speaking of sake, Jena’s birthday sake crawl was a thing that happened. Whoa man that was a lot of sake. Also, here’s our friend Hawkin’s Morgan, which tragically took an injury while giving Jena her birthday ride:

    We also spend a fair amount of time talking about vaguebooking, grammar, spelling, and other conversational annoyances.

    Fair warning, this episode is just damn silly.

  • Episode 62!

    Ok, I’m a little drunk as I try to write this, but goddammit I’m a professional goddammit. Er . . .yeah. Continue reading  Post ID 1091

  • Episode 50!

    So this week we discuss Salsa attending a hockey game, then stadiums and sports arena in general. Matt admits to falling off of things, and having underwear that don’t work any more. This sparks the boxer pee-flap debate, and eventually ends in a discussion of memes and comedy in general. Continue reading  Post ID 10

  • Episode 34!

    Ok, tons of stuff this episode. We cover baseball, which Matt does his best to figure out. Mostly he is amazed by the advertising and the spectacle of it all. See below:

    Matt is amused by targeted advertising, and Salsa talks drive-in’s, makeshift hookahs and tailgating. Matt takes his spawn to the Science Museum, where the boy is disappointed by the mummies and Salsa gets himself an Xbox 360. We also talk about anti-heroes and morality. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.