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  • Episode 231!

    Longtime friend of the show Trampy Smurf joins us this week. We haven’t seen her in ages, turns out, she shit out a kid! (I know that’s not actually what happened, she had a C section, duh.) Anyway, as things are wont to do when we hang out with Trampy, we just kinda abandon most formatting and roll with it.

  • Episode 150!

    This week Trampy Smurf fills in for Salsa, as he is home with his wife who just had surgery. Fortunately, Trampy has a story from going to see Hanson at the State Fair. What? Yeah. Anyway, we also talk about public restrooms for some reason. You’re welcome.

  • Episode 115!

    Apropos of Nothing takes a whole new approach this week. I can’t quite tell what’s changed . . . .