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  • Episode 225!

    We’re joined by the lovely and talented Duck Washington this week! Duck is what is known as a legitimate actor. He’s also a Vilifier. We’re amazed someone can be both of those things.

    Duck is a busy guy, he’s one of the producers of The Encyclopedia Show, which you’ve heard us talk about on the show before. He’s worked with CONvergence for years now writing and performing in the opening and closing ceremonies. He’s done Fringe Festival shows, including one that was made into a movie:

    You’ll be able to see Duck in You’re Making That Up! at HUGE next Tuesday (along with Matt). Hell, Duck is writing the Fall theatrical production for Fearless Comedy as well.

    Lastly, Die Laughing approacheth! For those of you who want to support the kinds of comedy we do, there is a chance to have your donations go even further if you donate before the event:

    Our board of directors will match up to $500.00 worth of donations received before the event begins. You can go to www.dielaughingmarathon.com to donate and watch the live stream of the event when it begins on March 6th.

  • Episode 143!

    We’re back from CONvergence with a show full of nerdery. We also have the triumphant return of the lovely and talented Engineer Corwyn! We talk all about the Fearless Comedy party room, Vilification Tennis, Matt’s drunken assholery, our favorite moments and more. We mention the possibility of a couple of extra interviews that Salsa conducted over the weekend, but as of now, we’re having file conversion issues. We’ll see if we can’t get it sorted out by next week. Check out some of the photos after the fold.

    JENA EDIT: Here’s the link to Fang & Talon. I forgot to send it to Matt (see: drunk). For once, it’s not his fault.
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  • Episode 138!

    We are joined by the lovely and talented Tim Wick this week. You may know Tim from Vilification Tennis. Or The Dregs. Or Big Fun Radio Funtime. Or Geeks Without God. Or Fearless Comedy Productions. Or the soon to be released A Reel Education. Hell, by the time I finish typing this there will prolly be some other project he’s involved in.

    Anyway, we had a blast recording this one and we give you guys a bunch of details about the forthcoming Fearless Comedy room party at CONvergence. If you are attending the convention, make sure you stop by and say hello.

    Lastly, we talk about former guest Joseph Scrimshaw’s new kickstarter, which you can find here.

  • Episode 131!

    This week we are joined by the lovely and talented Spencer Faust! Spencer is one of the newest additions to the Vilification Tennis cast as well as an accomplished acrobatic performer and fellow Rennie. We sit down with Spencer and discuss his VilTen audition, breakdancing and the finer points of balancing a couple of hot chicks on your shoulders. Seriously.


    As we mentioned, if you are a Minneapolis local, you too can learn acrobatics from Spencer by signing up for classes on the Head Over Heels Facebook page. For those of you who are even more daring, Spencer will soon be offering breakdancing and pop and lock classes as well, message him on Facebook for info.

    This week our drink was named by Kickstarter backer Jim Louis. We also wanna plug Jim’s business Best Meetings which you can find here. Thanks for the support Jim and we hope the level of drunk we achieved with your drink was satisfactory.

  • Episode 93!

    We spend some time this week discussing the imminent MN Fringe Festival and our involvement in it. But first, as promised a picture of Wobbles, the former Fringe Festival mascot that we all liked:

    Sweet, huh?

    That said, here’s where you can find Matt and Jena during the Fringe:


    Sunday, August 5

    2:30pm – Stop Talking: A Game of Talking

    Sunday, August 12

    2:30pm -Stop Talking: A Game of Talking


    Friday, August 3

    7:00pm -Fringe Orphans (fight directing/performing written scene))

    Saturday, August 4

    8:30pm – “On the Differences Between Two Ladies and The Resolution Thereof” (see my choreography)

    Sunday, August 5

    1:00pm – “On the Differences Between Two Ladies and The Resolution Thereof” (see my choreography)

    1:00pm – Fringe Orphans (fight directing/performing written scene))

    Monday, August 6

    5:30pm – Fringe Orphans (fight directing/performing written scene))
    7:00pm – “On the Differences Between Two Ladies and The Resolution Thereof” (see my choreography)

    Wednesday, August 8

    5:30pm – “On the Differences Between Two Ladies and The Resolution Thereof” (see my choreography)

    Friday, August 10

    4:00pm – Stop Talking: A Game of Talking
    8:30pm – Fringe Orphans (fight directing/performing written scene))
    10:00pm – “On the Differences Between Two Ladies and The Resolution Thereof” (see my choreography)

    Saturday, August 11

    4:00pm – Fringe Orphans (fight directing/performing written scene))

    Ok, after all that we discussed the new RenFest in Wisconsin that Salsa and the rest of the Fandazzi’s attended last weekend, then moved on the the Olympics because, hey, we’re topical.

    Turns out Salsa’s been watching them quite a bit and has a thing for gymnastics (No, not in a creepy way you pervs.):


  • Episode 90!

    It’s all CONvergence all the time this week at AON! Seriously, what a weekend. This is a hell of a show talking about a hell of a time. Hope you like large doses of nerdery!

    Also, as we mention, the first episode of Geeks Without God is now available, featuring friends and Vilifiers Tim, Nick and Molly. We were there for the live recording and had a blast.

  • Episode 85

    It’s just the core AoN team this week after another flurry of exciting guests. Thanks a million to everyone who has backed our Kickstarter project. If you haven’t yet and have the means and the inclination, you can click the link on the upper right of the main page. Again, thank you so much everybody.

    As seems to happen when it’s just us left to our own devices, things go all over the place. For some reason, we talk about: the Olympics, our VilTen prom show, stereotypes, sandals with socks (Seriously, Bill?), flip flops, Salsa’s brother coming to visit, the impromptu party at Matt’s house, Salsa finding out that women complain to each other about their respective husbands, the first albums we got, the more embarrassing albums we’ve bought, that old Columbia House/BMG scam, the brutality of technology in the 80’s and Salsa’s mother’s attempts to overcome it.

    Yeah, I don’t know either. Enjoy!

  • Episode 46!

    This week we are joined by Tim Wick and Pedantic Eric from Vilification Tennis. Salsa and Matt both perform in the show, Tim runs it and Pedantic Eric has been doing it forever. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the show, here are a couple clips. Continue reading  Post ID 17

  • Episode 14!

    Howdy ya’ll! Welcome to episode 14! So, this episode we talk about our theory of what is funny. Focusing on offensive comedy in particular, such as our show Vilification Tennis. We also talk about why Matt hates everyone else who uses a phone except him and his wife. Seriously, quit being a douche with you phone yo. Anyway, thanks for listening.