So after a long time of battling HostGator, DNS issues, and TWO hacked attacks on the previous servers, we have moved the hosting into Jena’s Server Stronghold of DOOOOM. We have also added some additional security features, and will no longer be doing our “Spam Comment of the Week” segment. Was that how they got in? Maybe. Unlikely, honestly. But still a possibility. There were several podcasts that shared an account under the old system, and it could have been any one of them that had a simple password for their account, or didn’t have login security features set up.

Except HoneyTown. HoneyTown can do no wrong.

Anyway, we appreciate your patience as we work out all the bugs and COMPLETELY REBUILD THE SITE FROM SCRATCH.

Are the old files there? Some, perhaps all. Is Jena willing to risk it on her Server Stronghold of DOOOOM? Fuck that. Nothing is coming onto this server from there unless it’s gone through 2 scrubs, several interrogations, a full background check, and a monologue (the monologue is just for Jena’s amusement, really).

With that, we’re excited to be moving forward. Thank you all again so much for your support during this difficult time. No really.¬†Matt keeps talking into an unplugged microphone, and Salsa is just rocking back and forth in the AON labs.

Please help. Send Pouteen.