Episode 355!

We are joined this week by Tim Wick, and holy crap is he involved in a lot of projects. Remember how we always talk about how many shows Jena or Salsa or James do? Yeah, Tim does more than all three of us put together. He’s a writer, director, producer, actor, improviser, musician, and probably a few other things that don’t immediately spring to mind.

Here’s some of the stuff he’ll be involved in soon:
November 9th at Strike Theater: STORYnado
December 22 and 23 at The Black Forest Inn: The Dregs Holiday Show!
First, Third, (and Fifth where applicable) Friday of every month at Can Can Wonderland: Retro Game Show Night
In February he’ll be involved in Fearless Five: Conspiracies
End of February/beginning of March he’ll be at the Not So Silent Planet festival
After Die Laughing 2018, he will be helping co-produce “Pounded by Chuck Tingle”
He is a co-host of the Geeks Without God podcast
…and many more.

Jena wanted you to all go see her daughter perform on Nov. 11th at Strike Theater to see the Official Ostrich Committee, and the 16th through the 19th at Southwest High School to see Steampunk Romeo and Juliet.

Salsa will be performing in Mystery at Mystery Lodge at the Bigwood Event Center in Fergus Falls, MN on Dec. 1st, which was co-written by Tim Wick (seriously, the guy doesn’t stop).

And of course, we will all be at the Historic Mounds Theatre on Nov. 16th for Fearless Marvels: A Give to the Max Day Revue. We are raising funds for Fearless Comedy Productions, and you can donate to the team(s) of your choice:
Team Kazimir (Salsa)
Team Sexy (Jena)
Team Pie (James)
or Team Mystery (Tim Wick)