• Salsa appears on the Awfulcopter podcast!

    Hey, everybody. Salsa took some time out of podcasting with Matt and Jena to appear on a podcast with some completely different people.

    Wait. Does that work? Appear is a visual term, and doesn’t really apply in an audible medium, does it? You can’t really “appear” unless it’s a video podcast, which this isn’t. Salsa… invades? the Awfulcopter podcast? Yeah. We’ll go with that.

    Hey, everybody. Salsa took some time out of podcasting with Matt and Jena to appear invade a podcast with some completely different people. They had so much fun, they split the episode into two parts, to double your enjoyment. Listen to them here and here.

  • Episode 219!

    Sorry for the delay in releasing this episode. You can blame Matt for being a little bitch and having a migraine.

    So, friend of the show Pedantic Eric stopped by this week. What did they talk about? Did they replace Matt? Who knows? You’ll have to listen and find out!

  • Episode 218!

    Charles Knutson joins us this week for a delightful conversation that asks the hard hitting questions like, who would you choose to replace Bill Murray in Groundhog’s Day to change the tone of the movie? Also, how much fun does an ARG/Ingress/assassins-style game set in the Minneapolis skyways sound like? Right? We also answer one of the toughest Fast Five questions yet.

  • Episode 217!

    This week we fall down a bit of a videogame rabbit hole. We blame the mind control of the ever-mighty Steam Sale. We also talk about owning vs. renting and mail carrier etiquette. Plus, weigh in on some important issues about words!

  • Episode 216!

    Hey kids, it’s the holiday (not really, but kinda) show! This week we talk about the memorials and services for the lovely and talented Bill Young. I can’t remember if one of us says it, but if that many people loved me enough to show up at my funeral, I would have done something right.

    Always remember the lesson Bill taught us:


    Don't act like you've never seen a poster of a man that has traveled through time to tell his younger self to eat a cake he won at a cakewalk all by himself before.
    Don’t act like you’ve never seen a poster of a man that has traveled through time to tell his younger self to eat a cake he won at a cakewalk all by himself before.

    Beyond that, we talk about what we’re up to, what we’re doing for the holidays, and what we’ve been sent by some of our listeners lately. To everyone who has sent us a present, a sincere and deeply felt thank you. We love doing this show, and we love hearing from any and all of you. Have a great holiday and be safe.

  • Episode 215

    Hey guys, this week is a little different from our usual shows. As some of you are already aware, the lovely and talented Bill Young died last week. As you can imagine, this has affected all of us deeply, and after discussing it, we decided to do the show this week to talk about Bill and share some laughs in a time when they are hard to come by.

    For those of you who are newer to the show, Bill was a guest multiple times, and would occasionally just pop in randomly for a few minutes when Matt and Jena used to live only a couple blocks apart. You can search our archives for episodes with Bill to hear just how funny and kind he was. Even better, here’s a video of some of the comedy sketches Bill has contributed over the years:

    The next Monday Night Comedy Show, at which Bill frequently performed, will be dedicated to him, and also serve as a fundraiser for his family. You can find details for that event here.

    There is another benefit for Bill in Fargo, for those of you for whom that is closer, details of which can be found here.

    Lastly, there is a gofundme for you folks who are too far away from either of the live benefits, but still want to help, which is here.

    Thank you everyone who has sent us kind words in the last few days, it is much appreciated.

  • Episode 214!

    The lovely and talented Levi Weinhagen joins us this week for a delightful discussion of nachos, parenting, and grief as related to computer loss.

    Thats fun Levi

    Levi also tells us about his podcast Pratfalls of Parenting (turns out he hasn’t got all the answers yet). and his new show That’s Fun! which features co-host Jen Scott and takes place monthly at Honey!

  • Episode 213!

    Hey folks, this week we talk about all kinds of nonsense, mostly thanks to our random topic generator. So listen to learn more about gloves, Glovers, mispronouncing names. books vs. ebooks, digital comics vs. regular comics, Matt’s dad’s advice, vomiting children, texting, messaging, tablets (seriously, Jena scored a cheap one.) and more.

  • Episode 212!

    The lovely and talented Scott Keever joins us this week!

    Ain't he adorable?
    Ain’t he adorable?

    Scott is here to talk about music. His band Orkestar Bez Ime [or-KESS-tar behz EE-meh]–(“orchestra without a name” in Bulgarian) has a new release you can find on their Bandcamp page.

    Orkestar Bez Ime. OBI if you're nasty.
    Orkestar Bez Ime. OBI if you’re nasty.

    Scott tells us about playing folk music from the other side of the planet, traveling to learn from the real deal, and the important difference between “gypsy” and “Roma”.

    Of course, being us, we also spend a good deal of time talking about glasses, local student protests related to Ferguson, and grammar before we get to that.

  • Episode 211!

    This week we are joined by James of Vault 404 and the Awfulcopter podcast!


    James, being an experienced podcaster himself, helps us get right to the important bits, such as, lady bits. We spend a fair amount of time talking about vaginal health this episode, then follow it up with an excellent hot dog eating story. I know, I know, it sounds like a joke. It might be.

    Oh, as promised, here’s the two images of overly sexualized fighting game characters we talk about in this weeks Fast Five: