• Episode 211!

    This week we are joined by James of Vault 404 and the Awfulcopter podcast!


    James, being an experienced podcaster himself, helps us get right to the important bits, such as, lady bits. We spend a fair amount of time talking about vaginal health this episode, then follow it up with an excellent hot dog eating story. I know, I know, it sounds like a joke. It might be.

    Oh, as promised, here’s the two images of overly sexualized fighting game characters we talk about in this weeks Fast Five:


  • Episode 210!

    This week, we’re joined by Derek Phillips. Derek is, simply put, the best. You’ll be able to tell when you listen to the episode. We talk about dancing, drinking, pot lucking and (in response to an email question from a listener) coming out. Also, mystery packages from Canada!

    As promised, here’s a video to help explain what the hell Morris Dancing is:

    Makes perfect sense now, doesn’t it?

  • Episode 209!

    We sit down and talk with Six Elements Theater this week. Things are kinda bonkers from the beginning.

    Six Elements, as you may remember from their past appearances in the podcast, are the folks behind Human Combat Chess.

    HCC 2012

    This means they know all about the knifey-stabby. They are also participating in Give to the Max Day Next Thursday, November 13th. What’s Give to the Max Day, you ask? It’s a great fundraising opportunity for Minnesota non-profit organizations where they have a chance for score matching donations and other rewards for their fundraising efforts on that day in particular. Take a moment to check out Six Elements Give to the Max Day page and support them if you can. We like ‘em, you should too!

    Speaking of Give to the Max Day, Matt is fundraising for HUGE improv theater, and will be watching a 24-hour improv marathon on Give to the Max Day. You can support Matt’s efforts at his fundraising page here.


  • Episode 208!

    Sometimes the internet goes down, and sometimes that means the conversation goes weird places. We’re all over the place this week including, but not limited to: Living on the ground floor of a building, high school theater, fish, & fancy restaurants.

  • Episode 207!

    This week the three of us pass the time by learning facts about booze from the internet, and debating the validity of an online list of reasons NOT to move to Minnesota. We were surprised and annoyed by entries on both is nearly equal measure.

  • Episode 206!

    Hey folks, this week we sit down with longtime listener, friend, and recently certified SCUBA diver Steffen. Steffen deserves mad respect for recording late with us, tackling what is prolly the coolest Fast Five yet, and not dying underwater. Take a listen.

  • Episode 205!

    It’s another scotch month here at AoN, you have been warned.

    We’re joined this episode by return guest Cetius Scotchbringer! We talk about lots of stuff like:

    Poutine from Red Cow! (seriously, Salsa ate all of that in like 8 minutes)
    Poutine from Red Cow! (Seriously, Salsa ate all of that in like 8 minutes.)
    Matt and Salsa got to hang out with Torne, a listener who was in town all the way from England.
    Matt and Salsa got to hang out with Torne, a listener who was in town all the way from England.
    This sweet Klingon Bat-thingie Cetius won!
    This sweet Klingon Bat-thingie Cetius won!
    Also this sick book sale Salsa was talking about!
    Also this sick book sale Salsa was talking about!

    There was other stuff too but it’s a little foggy. There were a lot of high fives though.

  • Episode 204!

    It’s another AoN Classic week! Jena is moving or in hiding, or on safari or something. Basically, you get Matt and Salsa trying their level best to put together a coherent show after the last weekend of Fest. Enjoy!

  • Episode 203!

    It’s just Matt and Salsa this week, as Jena is out sick. We keep it simple with tales from the Renfest this week. Or an Aristocrats joke, depending on if you believe Matt or not. We’ll add photos/video evidence later.


  • Episode 202!

    There are Renfest stories all over the place this week, and a bunch of other nonsense as well. I’d be more specific, but the exhaustion and mimosa’s have blurred it quite a bit.