• [Article 2699]Episode 173!

    This week we are joined by the Buddha, Benjamin Domask.  Ben has done a little bit of everything in the variety arts from juggling to magic to mime to clowning to . . . well, listen and let him tell it. Or let his creepy hand puppet tell you, up to you.










    Jena mentions the Funporium Kickstarter, give it a look if you would, throw them some coin if you can.

    Lastly, but not leastly, don’t forget about MONDO!


  • [Article 2692]Episode 172!

    This week we are joined by Skot Rieffer and Mike Lubke from Six Elements Theatre Company! You know, the knifey-stabby folks Jena hangs out with. Also, really cool and funny guys. Check this video from Jena’s fundraiser out to see what we’re talking about:

    Hey, did we mention they have a Kickstarter?

    Did we also mention that they’re holding auditions? Try your hand at knifey-stabby!

    Lastly, remember how Matt said his dad’s x-rays look like someone dumped a toolbox out on his leg? Yuuuuuup! Check it out:

    Side view
    Side view












    Front view
    Front view











    Enjoy the show and don’t forget to add air quotes to your comments on this episode.



  • [Article 2688]Episode 171!

    Jena returns this week and so does our inability to stop talking. You’re welcome.

  • [Article 2677]Episode 170!

    It’s AoN classic this week as Jena is out sick. Hopefully Matt and Salsa remember how to dog.

    Also, the book that Salsa was talking about can be found here.

  • [Article 2668]Episode 169!

    We’re all over the place this week. I know, big surprise, right? This was a fun one.

  • [Article 2655]Episode 168!

    We’re back again with Trampy Smurf because she helped Matt move all day and that means something. Who knows what, but it means something. In other news we talk about moving, the cold, relationships, and how we present ourselves to the world. This week’s Fast Five provides some epic laughs as well.

    Also, as we mentioned in the episode, our friend Tawn (our first guest and returning guest on episode 100) is in need. Please help if you can.

    Go here to support – http://www.gofundme.com/62vag4

  • [Article 2643]Episode 167!

    This week we have Pedantic Eric on the show to give him a chance to have his exceptional Fast Five that was lost from the Captain America episode see the light of day. That means you guys get two Fast Fives this episode! It’s like Xmas! Here’s the interweb videos we talked about this episode:


    Pedantic Eric’s:



  • [Article 2639]Episode 166!

    Hey folks, this week we have our holiday wrap-up and talk about Batman villains. Because Batman.

  • [Article 2621]Episode 165!

    Trampy Smurf joins us this week to talk about Ethiopian food and Xmas! Also, Mud and Mrs. Mud gave the AON crew Xmas presents!

    That is the look that only the gift of a deep fryer can cause.
    That is the look that only the gift of a deep fryer can cause.









    Jena got a gift card. She still manages to look excited.
    Jena got a gift card. She still manages to look excited.









    Lastly, Matt’s dad is doing ok, still recovering from surgery, check out his awesome pinned-together leg:

    The hat makes it festive!
    The hat makes it festive!



  • [Article 2609]Episode 164!

    Hey everyone, this week we talk about Jena’s new show, Matt’s move, and Salsa finds something to rant about. Also, chickpeas.