• Episode 277!

    Sorry we’re so late releasing this episode for you all! Things are busy among the AoN crew lately, which is why we take a quick break this episode to play Space Team!


    Seriously, you guys gotta try this.

  • Episode 276

    Hey folks, this week Matt is out sick, but returning guest Andrea Wilkins more than makes up for it. She’s here to pimp her upcoming project Campaign: Comedy. It’s comedians playing tabletop games. So, you know, a campaign you actually care about, not this political bullshit. Enjoy!

  • Episode 275!

    Hey everyone we’re back! It’s good to be home and we spend the episode catching up on the last month. Turns out, a lot can happen in a month. Jesse Richards joins us with few words but excellent booze.

    Here’s the terrified picture of the boy Matt mentioned:

    the face of fear

    Also, this is the kind of drum Jena got:

    Lastly, here’s that weird Cyr Wheel Salsa was talking about:

    Happy to be back y’all!

  • Episode 274!

    We round out our month of laziness via substitute host with the lovely and talented David Traylor, Erin Kennedy, & Kirsten Wade. We know we’re done with guest hosts because we finished our jigsaw puzzle during this one. No for real, check it out:



    Next week we’ll be back in your earholes as usual!

  • Episode 273!

    We gotta tell ya, finding other people to do our jobs while we work on a jigsaw puzzle is pretty great. Thanks to Raederle Sterling, Steve Zalar, and Greg Holdsworth for turning in a great episode.

  • Episode 272!

    Hey, have you ever thought to yourself, “Self, I sure do love that AoN podcast, I just wish it didn’t always have those three host people in it.” Well, it’s your lucky day. Through a series of circumstances too complicated to go into here, we ended up with three guests in the AoN labs, and decided to let them just record the damn thing themselves while we did a jigsaw puzzle. No seriously, that’s actually what we did.

  • Episode 271!

    This week we talk about the recent Vilification Tennis show and VilTen theory in general, teaching the kids life skills, Burns night festivities, and other nonsense. We’re also all really tired and recorded late, so it’s a little shorter than usual.

  • Episode 270!

    This week we talk about Hard Wired wrapping, Salsa’s departure from Fandazzi, and Jena’s appearance at the Encyclopedia show among other things. We also mention some stuff we’ve been enjoying in media lately that we think you should check out.

    Sooooo . . . Check it out:

    Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality

    The Adventure Zone!

    Ancient Black Ops

    Shadow of Mordor

  • Episode 269!

    This week we’re joined by Megan Slawson of the soon-to-debut Horror Story Hot Dog podcast! Do we manage to talk about horror and scary stories? Listen and find out!

  • Episode 268!

    Salsa is missing for most of this episode. It took us a while to realize it too. Anyway, Matt and Jena have a delightful time talking about the latest nonsense in their lives and only get slightly annoyed when Salsa shows up as advertised. Le sigh.