• Episode 233!

    Hey kids, this week our new podcasting nemesis, The High Five Guys, sent us a bag of dicks. No, seriously.

    Delicious, yet tasteless. A paradox in phallus form!
    Delicious, yet tasteless. A paradox in phallus form!

    We are plotting our revenge as we speak.

    We also talk about Salsa’s new job, Matt’s dinner with Engineer Corwyn and experience recording his portion of the Die Laughing hot sauce challenge fullfillment, and Jena’s performance at the latest Encyclopedia Show inspires some parenting discussion.

  • Episode 232!

    Dawn Krosnowski joins us this week for a delightful conversation. We’re all over the place from the moment we start, fortunately there’s plenty of wine to help out. Speaking of wine, you should check out Dawn’s podcast Screw It! for all kinds of shenanigans and frivolity.

  • Episode 231!

    Longtime friend of the show Trampy Smurf joins us this week. We haven’t seen her in ages, turns out, she shit out a kid! (I know that’s not actually what happened, she had a C section, duh.) Anyway, as things are wont to do when we hang out with Trampy, we just kinda abandon most formatting and roll with it.

  • Episode 230!

    Hey folks! This week it’s just your three ever-loving hosts shooting the shit together. We play some topic roulette for the first time in a while and it goes in weird directions. Also, we do a Fast Five from back in December because Matt is an idiot. Enjoy!

  • Episode 229!

    The lovely and talented Chris Marchand joins us this week to talk about this weekend’s upcoming High Charity Halo marathon. You can stream the marathon on highcharity.org, watch all kinds of wacky in game nonsense, listen to all the wacky in room nonsense, and live chat with the participants. All this helps raise money for the charity Child’s Play, which purchases videogames and board games for children in extended hospital stay and kids in domestic abuse shelters.

  • Episode 228!

    Anna LaVigne joins us this week, and regales us with the epic tale of Wireless Mike and the Walgreens dick pic! Jena’s spawn is rocking the house with a theatrical performance, and Salsa’s Epic Pi(e) was exactly that.

  • Episode 227!

    Whew! It’s the live episode recorded at Die Laughing!

    We sat down with Sean Monaghan in front of a live audience at 2:30 in the morning and recorded a show while raising money for Fearless Comedy Productions. The good news is, we raised a bunch of money thanks to the generosity of listeners like you. The bad news is, we did it by taking shots of horrible boozes. The worst news is Matt had to do a half hour of standup 30 minutes later.


  • Episode 226!

    We’re joined in this, the final show before Die Laughing, by the lovely and talented Tim Wick! Tim is the artistic director of Fearless Comedy Productions as well as the judge/director of Vilification Tennis, as well as one of The Dregs, as well as one of the hosts of Geeks Without God, as well as . . . you know what? Fuck it, I’ll let him list it all.

    This week we talk about the Febtoberfest that was, Prime Time Wrestling, and the Home & Garden Show.

    Oh also Die Laughing!

  • Episode 225!

    We’re joined by the lovely and talented Duck Washington this week! Duck is what is known as a legitimate actor. He’s also a Vilifier. We’re amazed someone can be both of those things.

    Duck is a busy guy, he’s one of the producers of The Encyclopedia Show, which you’ve heard us talk about on the show before. He’s worked with CONvergence for years now writing and performing in the opening and closing ceremonies. He’s done Fringe Festival shows, including one that was made into a movie:

    You’ll be able to see Duck in You’re Making That Up! at HUGE next Tuesday (along with Matt). Hell, Duck is writing the Fall theatrical production for Fearless Comedy as well.

    Lastly, Die Laughing approacheth! For those of you who want to support the kinds of comedy we do, there is a chance to have your donations go even further if you donate before the event:

    Our board of directors will match up to $500.00 worth of donations received before the event begins. You can go to www.dielaughingmarathon.com to donate and watch the live stream of the event when it begins on March 6th.

  • Episode 224!

    Lauren Haven returns to the podcast this week as we begin our ramp up to Die Laughing!¬†Lauren is the Managing Director of Fearless Comedy Productions and a member of Apex Predators, the Fearless Comedy improv team. What we’re saying here is she’s cool and funny.

    We discuss Jena’s trivial weekend, Matt starting therapy, and Salsa prepping for Febtoberfest as well. Join us, won’t you?