Play the AON Drinking Game!

What follows is not the definitive rules of the AON Drinking Game.  These are just a list of ideas that we or others have come up with.  We encourage you to play by your own “house” rules, and add or ignore rules as you will.  If you have a rule that you want us to add to this list, email us at

Take a drink of your beverage of choice when any of the following happen:

1. Anyone is being Pedantic.

2. Anyone says “That having been said…”

3. Anyone says “To be fair…”

4. Salsa bitches about Facebook.

5. Either male host talks about the other’s wife’s boobs, or Jena’s boobs.

6. Salsa talks about dragons (books, video games, movies, etc…)

7. Any host says “…huh.”

8. Anyone says “Can’t it be both?”

9. Anyone says “For Science!”

10. Anyone (usually Matt) waxes eloquently about “If only there were a series of Tubes…” or something similar to refer to the internet.

11. One of the host’s cell phone goes off, and isn’t on silent mode. Don’t worry, we’ll probably call them out on it.

12. Anyone says “You can be replaced”.

13. Jena says “Yes and no…”.

14. Anyone Raves/Bitches about a Steam Sale.

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