Who We Are



MattMatt Allex is a comedian, performer, writer and improviser from Minneapolis, MN. Matt has performed in many MN venues over the years, including street theatre at the MN Renaissance Festival, Improv at the Brave New Workshop, 3 successful shows in the MN Fringe Festival and the ongoing monthly Vilification Tennis show at the Bryant Lake Bowl. Matt is also a comedy writer who has worked on the Vilification Tennis website, as well as co-written the MN Fringe Festival show – Streaming TC: Uncensored. Currently, Matt lives in Uptown, where the hippies and hipsters irritate him to no end. Fortunately for his sanity, he is joined by his wife Gretta and his two children Dakota and Austin. Apropos of Nothing is Matt’s first foray into the world of podcasting, usually he can only talk about himself to small groups of people at a time. If you would like to email Matt your compliments, insults or writing and performance opportunities, you can do so at matt@aonpodcast.com.




SalsaIn addition to co-hosting the Apropos of Nothing Podcast, Salsa has found the time to be a comedian, fire performer, juggler, and producer. After a stint living in Switzerland, Salsa moved to Minnesota where he discovered his love of showing off. Salsa, along with his wife, Raederle, is now a member of the Fandazzi Fire Circus. He is also a veteran of Vilification Tennis for over a decade, a founding member of Fearless Comedy Productions, Sound Effects Artist for Big Fun Radio Funtime, and most recently the creator and producer of Fully Believable, an improv storytelling panel show. Salsa can be reached at salsa@aonpodcast.com.




JenaRecognized in a women’s restroom as a “local actress,” Jena hopes to break into regionals in 5 years. Her most consistent gig is playing the dozens monthly at the Bryant-Lake Bowl in the loosely improvised local favorite “Vilification Tennis.” She has written, directed, produced, and performed stage, sketch, film, improv, stand up, spoken word, and storytelling. She’s also an actor combatant at the MN Renaissance Festival, and has been known to belly dance and breathe fire. In her spare time, she does publicity, design, web programming, and computer repair. Jena can be reached at jena@aonpodcast.com.


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